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How to purchase a fullrmc license and machine?

You must contact fullrmc by email at '', and we will help you decide upon the machine that fits your needs.

How to set up my newly purchased machine?

You must create your account. This account will be automatically approved by fullrmc with admin access. Once that is done, you can log in after thoroughly reading and acknowledging the fullrmc's terms of use and privacy policy. Click below for a step-by-step video showing you how to do that.

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What's the difference between a 'User' account and an 'Admin'


Both accounts can run any fullrmc calculation allowed by the machine license. But an 'Admin' has executive privileges such as adding and deleting accounts. Click below to see a video showing a more detailed explanation of both accounts.

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Can I resell or lease out my fullrmc subscription?

No. As per the Master Subscription Agreement Section 2 (Limited License; Use of Services; Ownership;) Paragraph 2.5 (Use of the Services) Clause (a) "Customer will not sell, lease, license, or sublicense the Services."

Keep in mind that with any fullrmc cloud machine, you can approve up to twenty different user accounts and manage their usage and allocations individually. But, any questions or concerns about the service will be discussed solely with the purchaser or a designated party on their behalf.  

What's a fullrmc session and a session lock and shield?

Anytime you log in to your fullrmc account on the cloud, you create a session. Technically speaking, a session can be running on a separate virtual machine or container where you can run all your calculations safely. A user can run multiple sessions simultaneously and various calculations on different atomic systems.   

A session lock allows you to lock your session the same way you lock your computer if you want to step away from it.

On the other hand, a session shield is a mechanism to protect your session and forbid anyone you shared your session with to see anymore. 

Click below to see a video showing a more detailed explanation of all of that.

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Is my fullrmc subscription account and data safe?

Absolutely! any fullrmc cloud subscription has a minimum of three layers of protection to keep your data safe. 1) servers are created on a global network protected by advanced DDoS mitigation, helping to fend off attacks on fullrmc's subscription virtual machines. 2) An advanced cloud firewall is also in place. Upon your request, it will be altered for more safety. 3) Authentication safeguard is installed and activated by default, with every subscription, locking any account or IP address trying and attempting multiple failed authentications. 

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that we can prevent every hacking attempt. You are also responsible for protecting your machine by not sharing your credentials or the machine URL with untrusted parties.

Click below to see a video showing a more detailed explanation of all of that.

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